2 episodes!! New! The Underpaid Podcast rules!

Wargarble Pansy

ReleasedNov 16, 2011

Hey! It’s The Underpaid Podcast, now rife with estrogen! I sit down with a longtime friend and overall awesome person, Meghan LaMountain for a chat about schooling, messing with frat guys and how she was able to move to a big city from a not so big city in the pursuit of career happiness! Later, we discuss socializing in a new place, being on unemployment, literally ascending rent, and what the heck this title means!

Slot Machine, Fava Beans…Shoelace?
It’s The Underpaid Podcast, Live from Las Vegas! Justin sits down at the Mandalay Bay and talks what’s wrong with the music business with band manager Gina Ree and music fan Isavella Vassilakis. Then we solve the music industry’s problems. You’re welcome, music industry! Later, we talk about Twilight and why the Muppets are better. And seriously, what the hell is a Minecraft? And are Minecraft people furries? I’m too lazy to burn the calories to look it up. Then we examine the paradox of Vegas. Don’t worry, we celebrate the joy of music as well! #notatotalbitchfest

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