Episode 8: Lofty Christmas

Click here! Podcasty goodness!

“Weird” Al Yankovic references bookend the podcast as Matthew returns, like a superhero saving the day in a very special Underpaid podcast Christmas episode! We talk about Christmas real quick and move into the joys of Hoarding, and why I can’t wait to be one! Matt gives his very first hashtag! (#getoffmybackidontwantit) I declare the death of Kim Kardashian. Oops.  Matt talks about directing the young, which leads into you learning how big symphony orchestras are shooting themselves in their collective feet and using performance enhancers! Wait, what? That’s a thing? Yes it is! But no worries, Matt tells us how to fix it! Later, we talk about that weird High School’s even weirder incest prank, but don’t worry, we bring it back to Christmasy Teddy Ruxpin goodness. Let it snow!

By the way, if you are going to use amazon, you should probably use this link.


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