Strawberry Sprite Zero Baseball

Episode 10!<—–Click Here!Will Casey Die in 2012?

Val Portanova joins the podcast for a lively discussion on Dick Clark, Trey Parker & Matt Stone.  Learn what Matthew Lillard does to Justin every night.  Justin introduces the celebrity death list.  Val explains what living in Los Angeles is really like, especially when Michael Jackson dies.  Learn what Slimer, Abu and Freddy from Scooby Doo have in common.  Drinking game! Take a shot for each tangent.  Paul Reiser is terrible.  We bond over our hatred of reality television. Mitch Hedberg is a complete (dead) genius.  Justin unveils his hope for his new stepmom, and reveals Morgan Freeman’s gross, twisted, terrible, completely true secret. Val tells us why we should never see a bad movie with her. Justin discusses why Ann Coulter is still writing books.  Justin reveals his plans to ask Casey Anthony to be a guest. Val talks about her etiquette in meeting celebrities.  Also, get a glimpse of Justin & Val’s celebrity to-do list.  Who picked NPH?

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