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Episode 28: The Bray Supremacy


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Surprise!! New Podcast for your beloved ear holes!  And guess what:
Tim Bray returns!  What’s happened in the past year?  What are some great life philosophies?  With a LIVE ACOUSTIC performance of three songs! Yes!  Do it!! Listen now!! You can check Tim out at  And hey, if you get a second, please rate the show 5 stars on iTunes  and send feedback to theunderpaidpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com or 617-UND-PAID to leave a comment!


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Episode 23: Joe Pezzula


Go ahead, ask him about his bowels.

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Joe Pezzula joins the program to discuss filmmaking, writing comics, and helping put on popular award shows!  An interesting conversation with an interesting guy who lives in the Hollywood section of the world.  Listen to us nerd out about the Twilight Zone as we discuss his short films, Making Friends and Tarantula.  Later, we discuss writing for comics and comedy, as well as celebrity reputations and Joe’s brand new podcast Quad Shot! Tweet Joe @JoePezzula or visit!

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Episode 20: Relationships, Murder, and Bears! (Oh My!)

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Today, we answer the question, “how nerdy am I?”  I navigate to the state of Snooki to visit my old friend, Kate Zietkiewicz, (we’ve been friends for 10 years,) and she joins the show to speak about what makes a friendship good, what makes a relationship fun, and how people should react to you in a good relationship!  Also, learn about how awkward I was at the tender age of 21!  I reveal my feelings on relationships and someone may even get a cookie!

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J.D. Funari’s Editing reel


In Episode 15 with J.D. Funari, we mentioned his editing reel, and you should check out his work, because he’s well good at it, and deserves your immediate attention!Image 

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Listing of every episode of The Underpaid Podcast listed by guest!!

Thanks for checking out the show!  I’m glad you are here!
If you’re staring like, “what the hell is a podcast?”  “Who the hell are you?”

The underpaid podcast is like a radio show that you can listen to on demand.
Me? Justin Williams?  I’m the f*cking greatest thing since sliced bread.  You should know me, I’m embarrassed for you if you don’t.

Who are the people I’m listing? People you should know, if you don’t already.
Listen if you like good talk, learning and fun.  Don’t want to listen? Great! Goodbye.

Here’s a list of all of my shows so far.  But first, here’s how to reach me/ teach me a lesson.

Call or Text!!:

(617) UND-PAID

Leave a voicemail, and I might play it!


iTunes (If you use that or are on an iphone/ipod/ ipad):  Click Here

Direct MP3 Downloads if you arent using something with iTunes:

Episode 1: “Pilot”
Episode 2: Erik Anderson
Episode 3: Matt
Episode 4: Meghan LaMountain
Episode 5: Gina Ree/Isavella Vassilakis
Episode 6: Heather Blossom Brown
Episode 7: Jeff Burns/ Mark Pezzula
Episode 8: Matt #2
Episode 9: Kevin Marshall
Episode 10: Val Portanova
Episode 11: Kiki Vassilakis
Episode 12: Ten Year Vamp
Episode 13: Matt Baumgartner
Episode 14: Jesse
Episode 15: J.D. Funari
Episode 16: Gina Ree
Episode 17: Greg Aidala
Episode 18: Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Episode 19: Liam Smith
Episode 20: Kate Zietkiewicz
Episode 21: Editors of
Episode 22: Jon Costantini
Episode 23: Joe Pezzula
Episode 24: Super Knocked Up
Episode 25: Tim Bray
Episode 26: Gina Ree
Episode 27: Justin Williams (comedian)
Episode 28: Tim Bray


theunderpaidpodcast @ gmail [dot] com

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Hamster Prozac

New long episode is here! I talk issues with a GREAT guest, Erik Anderson!

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QR goodness! Scan it on your iPhone!

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Welcome to The Underpaid podcast blog!

UPDATE: Find us on iTunes!!

We here at the underpaid are excited to bring you a new blog/podcast designed to represent those of you who feel like you have fresh ideas to bring to the table in a fun way!  The Underpaid Podcast (coming soon) will be the lynchpin of our operation designed to never be boring and inspire new conversation on a wide range of topics to be presented in an unedited conversational format.  Examples of future discussions include us discussing what’s wrong with the radio?  Why is it so hard to make a decent living?  What the hell is wrong with people?  It’s the genesis of a new community designed to speak to those who don’t have time to voice their opinions because, hey, we are too busy working.

More details will be ready soon, but in the meantime, if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to tweet us @theunderpaid !!

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