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Episode 8: Lofty Christmas

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“Weird” Al Yankovic references bookend the podcast as Matthew returns, like a superhero saving the day in a very special Underpaid podcast Christmas episode! We talk about Christmas real quick and move into the joys of Hoarding, and why I can’t wait to be one! Matt gives his very first hashtag! (#getoffmybackidontwantit) I declare the death of Kim Kardashian. Oops.  Matt talks about directing the young, which leads into you learning how big symphony orchestras are shooting themselves in their collective feet and using performance enhancers! Wait, what? That’s a thing? Yes it is! But no worries, Matt tells us how to fix it! Later, we talk about that weird High School’s even weirder incest prank, but don’t worry, we bring it back to Christmasy Teddy Ruxpin goodness. Let it snow!

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Episode 7: Symmetry Pie Fence

Symmetry Pie Fence

Crossover alert! Two of the co-hosts of popular podcast The Everything Film Show, Jeff Burns and Mark Pezzula talk podcasting, independent filmmaking, and how you, yes you, can make your own film! Learn what Super Knocked Up is! Learn how proficient Justin is at Harry Potter! Learn what it’s like to kiss a strange girl on the lips on camera! I like exclaimation points! Also, Jeff drops some exclusive news about Super Knocked Up and Mark Speaks about his lunch lady experience! Check them out & give a “Like” at and on Twitter@superknockedup & @filmshow

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Space Bottle! Episode 6! Heather Blossom Brown!

Heather Blossom Brown! Need I say more? I do? Oh. In this episode, I sit
down with longtime friend and former roommate and all around amazingly
accomplished artist, actress and world traveller and we talk about how we
met, how she remains creative and does what she wants, and what it’s like to
be an artist! We talk about making movies! I reveal why I don’t understand
The Lord of the Rings and give my dastardly plans for Kingston, NY! A look
into an artist’s brain! You will be inspired! How do you become an artist
in a tough world? Listen to this show! Click Here!

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